Due to severe ice and snow

Free Grace Baptist Church

morning and evening services are canceled.


Greetings in the Lord Jesus.

Given the amount of snow and ice that there is in Chilliwack, we have determined that it is prudent to cancel both morning and evening services tomorrow. Mike Krul cleared the sidewalk and front walk area, but no one was available to do the parking lot. The lot currently has at least 12″ of snow, plus a layer of ice, so it’s not vehicle accessible and is dangerous to walk. A 2 to 3 foot drift blocks the back walkway, and is presently unmanageable. The main roads may have been been partially “cleared”, but nothing on the side roads yet.

Given the condition of the church grounds and lot, the danger that it presents in it’s current state (not to mention the conditions of roads in other areas en route to the church), and the desire to err on the better side of prudence, we will cancel the services for tomorrow – Dec. 31st, 2017.

Please, with your families, in this rare occurence, enjoy and honor the Sabbath tomorrow in the warmth and safety of your homes.

Thank-you. In Christ,