Greetings in the Lord Jesus. I wanted to update everyone on our plan for Sunday services this week.

Since none of the three levels of government in Canada have changed the rule that less than fifty persons are allowed to meet, we will proceed on this Sunday as we did last week.

There will be no prayer meeting at 9:30a.m., but our morning service (11:00a.m.) and evening service (5:00p.m.) will continue as normal. However, we will discontinue observing the Lord’s Supper until further notice.

If you are in a high-risk category or are showing symptoms of sickness, please do not attend. Also, if you do not wish to attend, please do not do so.

The purpose of this plan is not to command anyone to attend services or do anything which would violate your own conscience or your own health protection plan, but simply to say that during this crisis, I will be preaching on Sundays as normal and as long as we do not exceed fifty persons, persons are welcome to come.

Thankfully, our building is large enough so that fifty or less can practice social distancing, which means no hand shaking, no hugging, no physical contact of any sort, and maintaining a distance of 4-6 feet away from one another.

Also, please use the set of doors on the parking lot side (the back doors) for entrance and exit so that the deacons can maintain an accurate head count of persons in the building.

We should remember the biblical and theological reasons for publicly assembling to worship God: God commands that we do so. This biblical commandment needs to be observed in light of the current Covid-19 crisis, but it should not be obliterated.

In other words, provided that the church of Jesus Christ can ensure social distancing, then we, like other essential services, should continue to meet.

As far as our efforts to maintain compliance with the laws in Canada, we check the Provincial Health Officer’s website each day to check for changes.

Here is the link which indicates that groups of fifty or less may meet –

There was a document posted on March 31st, 2020, entitled “Covid-19 Guidance to Faith Based Organizations” posted here that continues to authorize church meetings provided that we stay under fifty and in compliance with social distancing, etc.

Once again, I am not commanding anyone who is a member of or regular attender of the Free Grace Baptist Church to attend worship services. You should proceed according to conscience and according to your own health plan.

The church, however, will continue to conduct worship services in accordance with God’s word and if persons are wanting to attend, they may do so provided we do not exceed fifty persons and provided that we continue to comply with social distancing and other guidelines established by our government that are designed to curtail the spread of the virus.

May the Lord continue to advance His cause in the earth through the faithful preaching of His word and the faithful testimony of His people.

In Christ,

Jim Butler