Fellowship hall overflow for Covid-19

With reference to church attendance at FGBC, as of June 28th we are no longer scheduling attendance for morning and evening services, but have gone back to a first come first serve basis. This took effect on Sunday, June 28.

There have been those who have expressed a willingness to not attend as their presence would take away from the ability of a member to attend, but no one needs to worry about that anymore. We will be using the balcony (ideal for one family unit – husband, wife, kids) and the fellowship hall as overflow (after 50 in the sanctuary), so we will be able to safely accommodate more persons at the church building while still maintaining physical distancing recommendations. There will still be no nursery for younger children at this time.

The Wednesday night Bible study and the bi-weekly Saturday morning theology study are not running over the summer, and will resume in September, God willing.