Video Excerpts

Listen to this short 5 minute excerpt from the sermon on The Thief on the Cross.

He [Jesus] says the Son of Man will be lifted up and everyone who looks to Me will live. Brethren, faith is what it’s about. This man was not justified by His works, he was not justified by his righteousness. He wasn’t justified by his church attendance. He wasn’t justified by his knowledge of the Catechism. He was justified by faith in the suffering Saviour who went to these lengths to save his people from their sin. See why the gospel is good news. You don’t have words, you don’t have righteousness. You don’t have something that God’s going to look at and say, Wow, you’re a wonderful person, enter into my kingdom. No, God says, Look, ye unto me, all ye ends of the earth, for I am God and there is no other. What’s the implication? You look and you live. That’s the glory of the Christian gospel. Lord, remember me I know not that since the creation of the world there ever was a more remarkable and striking example of faith!

The Thief on the Cross – Luke 23:39-43
Pastor Jim Butler – August 02, 2020 AM

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