The Bible clearly teaches what orthodox Christians have believed for centuries, namely, that Jesus Christ is Almighty God.

There are explicit assertions that Christ is God in John 1:1-4, 20:28, Rom. 9:5, Tit. 2:13, Heb. 1:8, and 2 Pet. 1:1.

There are applications of divine names to the Lord Jesus in Isaiah 9:6, 40:3, and 1 Tim. 3:16. 

Christ engages in divine functions according to the Scripture – He is the Creator, John 1:3, Col. 1:16; the Sustainer, Col. 1:17, Heb. 1:3; the Author of Life, John 1:4, Acts 3:15; the Sovereign Ruler, Mt. 28:18, Rev. 1:5; and the One who forgives sinners, Mk. 2;1-12, Acts 13:38.

The Bible says that Jesus Christ possesses divine attributes – He is eternal, Is. 9:6, John 1:1-2; He is omnipresent, Mt. 18:20, 28:20; He is omniscient, John 2:24-24, 21:17; He is omnipotent, Is. 9:6, Phil. 3:1; and He is unchangeable, Heb. 1:1-2, 13:8.

This biblical view of Christ is important for several reasons: 1 – only God himself (Jesus) can save fallen humanity; 2 – the doctrine of justification is by faith alone in One who is Almighty God, not a creature of God; 3 – if Jesus Christ is not God, then a creature gets credit and glory for the salvation of sinners and the gospel is then man-centered, rather than God-centered.   “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and glory and blessings!” (Revelation 5:12).