Pro-Life Report – the Horrifying BC Infants Act

BC public schools have become indoctrination centers that keep secrets from parents about their own children. The government is stealing your children’s hearts and minds and co-opting your parental rights using the law and the education system to indoctrinate, mutilate and sterilize the next generation. The BC Infants Act governs minors and their parents or…

A Faithless King and a Faithful Prophet

In 1 Kings 22:1-28, Ahab plans to go to battle with the Syrians in order to re-capture Ramoth Gilead. He invites Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, to accompany him in an alliance of the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel. Jehoshaphat requests divine guidance prior to the battle (v.5) and 400 false prophets testify that Israel…

“It’s another boy” – Abortion in the News

There are a few things happening in the news that Christians should be aware of.
1. Health Canada has just approved the use of RU-486. (
2. In the US, the Center for Medical Progress has released four videos (more are forthcoming) that demonstrate the goulish practices of Planned Parent